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Alter-G Antigravity treadmill conditioning and training



Common conditions that benefit from this equipment

  • Post fracture

  • Arthritis

  • Stress fractures

  • Unstable gait

  • Knee and hip replacements

  • Return to running

  • Speed training

  • Post surgical rehabilitation

  • ACL/Meniscus surgery

  • Low back pain

  • Weight loss

  • Post  Bariatric Surgery

  • Shin Splints

Defying Gravity

The Alter-G is the new cutting edge of rehabilitation and training. It allows you to exercise without pain while you are recovering. It provides precise unweighting allowing you to walk or run between 20 and 100 percent of your body weight and progress your weight bearing as you condition improves.


  • Earlier weight bearing post surgery/injury

  • Allows training through some running injuries

  • Encourages increased rate of fracture healing

  • Quicker return to sport

  • Allows Aerobic exercise even when no other exercise is possible

There are only 3 Alter-G’s in the Greater Eastside that are available for outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation.  It is used by all the Seattle professional athletic teams for rehabilitation, conditioning and speed training.


Free trial available:.Contact us 


See the Alter-G in action

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