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In our 25 years on the Sammamish Plateau and with a combined total of almost 40 years of Physical Therapy                       practice, there is not a condition we have not treated.  Whether you have been in a Motor Vehicle accident,                         have shoulder pain, suffer from back issues, need to restore knee, ankle or foot functions, are experiencing                         Vertigo and the list goes on, Pine Lake Physical Therapy will meet your rehabilitation needs today.  Our                                  relationship with this community, as we both live and work here, makes us fully aware of the active                                        lifestyle that so many of us enjoy.  Pine Lake Physical Therapy works closely with all area                                                          Physicians to monitor your care.  You  and your successful rehabilitation are our number one                                                  priority!  Let’s get started today!    










Whether you are a High School athlete, weekend golfer or just one who           enjoys walks around your yard, Pine Lake Physical Therapy is the                      facility for your rehabilitation.  We tailor your program to meet                        your needs and goals and work with you to achieve the best                           outcome possible!  With our fully equipped gym facility,                                      including the Alter G and TRX systems you will be                                                completely active before you know it!  So                                                               remember that everyone has an activity they                                                        enjoy and we are here to help you fulfill                                                                   your activity goals today! 





Many conditions are related to elective surgeries and conditions that arise often with no known cause. You will receive a biomechanical evaluation and consultation on the cause, future prevention and treatment. Treatment will be started and a specific rehabilitation program designed on day one.

We have specialized in serving a broad range of patient ages and their conditions.  Creating a caring and friendly environment allows your goals to be the focus of our Physical Therapist. You will work directly (one on one) with your Physical Therapist each and every visit.  At Pine Lake Physical Therapy we continue to maintain our number one goal of providing highly skilled and patient friendly staff, since 1998.


See what former patients have to say about their experience at Pine Lake Physical Therapy.




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