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Our Specific Services for your Specific Needs



Alter G Antigravity Treadmill

The Alter-G is the new cutting edge of rehabilitation and training. It allows you to exercise without pain while you are recovering. It provides precise unweighting allowing you to walk or run between 20 and 100 percent of your body weight and progress your weight bearing as you condition improves.

Arthritis Treatment & Management

Osteoarthritis is not a curable condition, however it can be treated in physical therapy to restore normal daily activities and delay the need for joint replacement. You will receive a biomechanical assessment of the joint and its impact on surrounding joints and muscles. Through a comprehensive treatment approach you will work closely with our Clinicians to recover your functional ability and decrease your pain.  

Balance & Gait Training

Balance and gait disturbance are often present following orthopedic surgeries, stroke, brain injury (including concussions), bouts of Vertigo, or due to muscle weakness/general deconditioning. These issues can severely affect a person’s ability to get around the house or in the community and places them at an increase risk for falls.


Pine Lake Physical Therapy can help individuals with gait or balance problems through a comprehensive treatment plan to improve their functional mobility to allow them to resume their normal daily activities safely.

Golf Rehabilitation & Performance Enhancement

From the recreational golfer to the professional, having to take time away from the game due to pain or injury can be incredibly frustrating. The golf swing is a complex movement that involves the entire body, so a breakdown anywhere in the chain can be game-changing.


Our Physical Therapist will perform a thorough evaluation of you and your golf swing to create a comprehensive full-body treatment plan to get you back at your best game pain free. 

Gait Analysis

Gait abnormalities arise when a person has undergone surgery, has weakness or tightness in specific muscles, or adjusts their walking pattern to avoid pain. These abnormalities can lead to other problems, such as overuse injuries, if not addressed. Our Physical Therapists have the ability to analyze the way a person walks or runs, and make appropriate adjustments in order to reduce stress on specific joints and prevent future injury. They will also educate the patient regarding the abnormalities found, contributing factors, and adjustments that will help to normalize the gait. Adjustments can include, but are not limited to: altering the type of footwear, improving strength/flexibility of specific muscles and utilizing assistive devices such as canes.



Headaches can range anywhere from irritating to debilitating. The two most common are musculoskeletal headaches and migraine headaches. Musculoskeletal headaches (or tension headaches) can sometimes trigger migraine headaches.


We are experts in treating musculoskeletal headaches. It is not uncommon for someone to suffer for several years with frequent musculoskeletal headaches and resolve after several Physical Therapy treatments.


Joint Replacement
Physical Therapy

The three most common joint replacements that require Physical Therapy are the hip, knee and shoulder. Pain, weakness and stiffness are common complaints that will improve as your mobility, flexibility and strength improve. You should be back fully with normal activities in 6 weeks.

Once you are ready for outpatient physical therapy we will assess your overall medical condition, strength, range of motion, balance, and current home exercise program. Then a specific program will be established to begin to restore full available function of the replaced joint and adjacent muscles and joints. You will find our office and staff will make you recovery smooth and successful

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is a broadly used term for a group of techniques used by our Physical Therapist to restore mobility of:

  • Joints

  • Muscles

  • Ligaments

  • Tendons

Our expert Physical Therapist will use these tools extensively to accelerate your return to normal function.


Our clinic treats individuals with a variety of neurological conditions such as: Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, stroke, cancer, multiple sclerosis, brain injury, cardiovascular disease, cerebellar dysfunction, and cerebral palsy, as well as other neurological disorders such as decreased nerve function following surgery. Physical therapy can improve mobility, range of motion, strength, balance, walking, and endurance to help maximize independence and safety.

Manual & Mechanical Traction
  • Manual traction is hands on work by our Physical Therapist

  • Mechanical traction is the use of a Saunders traction table designed specifically for safe and effective decompression


Traction aides in the reduction of muscle spasm, decompressing discs, relief of pain, and reduction of pain or numbness that is referred to the arm or leg.

Your Physical Therapist will decide if this is an appropriate treatment choice for you. Like many interventions in our profession it is one “club available in the bag” that can assist in getting you back in action. 


Neck & Back Physical Therapy

Three out of ten people will miss a day of work during their lives due to low back pain. Ninety percent of the population will experience spine pain sometime during their life. Studies tell us that 95% of herniated disc patients would not require surgery if early intervention is taken.


After a detailed spinal evaluation your Physical Therapist will begin your treatment program with these general guidelines for care...


Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists are experts in the area of manual orthopedic Physical Therapy. We are all NAIOMT (North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy) trained and will utilize these skills to restore normal strength, mobility and function.

If you have suffered an injury or disease affecting muscles, bones, ligaments or tendons then our orthopedic specialist will help you to accelerate your recovery and maximize your function.


Orthotic Consultation
& Management

Common symptoms that will benefit from orthotics include:

  • Heel pain especially when you rise in the morning

  • Achilles pain

  • Foot, knee, hip or even back pain.


We will assess your condition and how each joint and muscle is playing a role. In addition to a comprehensive rehabilitation program we will make appropriate recommendations for footwear and orthotics as needed.

By correcting a mechanical fault at the foot there can be significant improvement in alignment of joints above. A detailed and thorough evaluation will determine the best option for your condition. 

Post Motor Vehicle
Physical Therapy

Most motor vehicle accidents result in a “Whiplash” injury or hyper flexion-extension of the head on the neck. Most often injuries incurred are soft tissue injuries (muscle strain, ligament sprain and tendon strain).  In some cases discs and nerve injury can occur as well as lumbosacral injuries.


You should always be assessed by a physician to eliminate the presence of fractures, concussion or instabilities.

Soccer Rehabilitation & Performance Enhancement Training

Soccer is a fun, physically challenging, and fast-paced sport that requires agility, strength, endurance, and quickness. To ensure that you are at the top of your game, your Physical Therapy evaluation will include a full biomechanical assessment to determine any weaknesses or imbalances in your musculoskeletal system for soccer-specific movements. We will create an individualized treatment plan to address these weaknesses to make sure that you are maximizing your strength, moving with efficient biomechanics, and minimizing your risk of injury during games and practice.

If you are already suffering from an injury, we will work with you (as well as your parent, coach, and/or trainer) to create a treatment plan that gets you safely back out on the field as quickly as possible, while also providing you with the tools necessary to minimize your risk of future injury or re-injury.

Sport Specific Performance Enhancement

Our Physical Therapists work with a wide variety of athletes, from the fitness newbie to the weekend warrior all the way to the elite competitor. Whatever your sport, we will perform a thorough biomechanical assessment to determine what may be preventing you from performing at the top of your game and to help design a program for you to maximize your sport performance. While minimizing your risk of injury and time spent on the sidelines.


We strongly emphasize sport-specific training with sound biomechanics in conjunction with cross-training exercises to keep you performing at your best. Our team will work together with you, your parents, coaches, and trainers as needed to ensure that you have the most comprehensive treatment approach to meet your needs.

Taping & Bracing

The use of braces and taping techniques can often be helpful in improving joint stability and improving the mechanics of a joint to aid in your recovery.


Taping techniques can be used to facilitate a muscle, inhibit a muscle, or alter the mechanics of a joint to allow the joint to move more normally to reduce pain with daily activities.


We utilize several different types of tapes at Pine Lake Physical Therapy, including Kinesiotape, McConnell Tape, or athletic tape, using various techniques to achieve the desired outcomes. Bracing can be helpful in improving the stability of a joint or reducing pressure from a joint or tendon. We have several different orthopedic braces in stock and easily available. You will be appropriately fit with confidence that they will effectively provide the support you need.

Post Surgical
Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists are experts in the area of manual orthopedic Physical Therapy. We are all NAIOMT (North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy) trained and will utilize these skills to restore normal strength, mobility and function.


If you have an orthopedic surgical procedure then restoring flexibility, strength and balance will be critical to returning you to full pain free function. Our orthopedic specialist will help you to accelerate your recovery, maximize function and insure a complete lifelong recovery is achieved.


Posture & Body

Whether you are sitting at desk all day, working in a warehouse, or caring for young children, using appropriate posture and body mechanics is crucial for staying functional and pain-free for a lifetime.


Poor posture and body mechanics can be caused by several things including muscle imbalances, poorly set up work stations, or may simply be a poor positional habit. At Pine Lake Physical Therapy your Physical Therapist will educate you regarding proper posture and body mechanics necessary to complete your desired task and help you identify, modify and/or fix the causes of your unique postural deficits



Soft Tissue Mobilization

Soft tissue mobilization (STM) is a type of manual, or hands-on, therapy that addresses restrictions in the soft tissue around your joint that can limit range of motion and can cause pain, spasm, or dysfunction. Soft tissues include muscles, tendons (join muscles to bones), joint capsules (connective tissue around a joint), fascia (connective tissue), and ligaments (attach bone to bone).


When your soft tissue is injured, it can become fibrous, thickened, and can lose its elasticity. This process can create myofascial adhesions. The goal of STM is to restore full range of motion to a joint by loosening the tissue around it through myofascial release. By assessing the various layers of tissue involved, your PT can determine the area of greatest restriction and then treat the tissue by applying varying pressure and stretch.


Sports Physical Therapy

One of the most frustrating aspects of sports participation is being sidelined by injury. Our Physical Therapists have a solid background in sports medicine and biomechanics to help minimize your time spent out of the game and to maximize your performance and safety once you return to your sport.


We will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine what body areas are contributing to your injury as well as a full biomechanical assessment of your sport and non-sport-specific movements to create a treatment program that fully addresses your individual needs. Your program may include modalities, manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue mobilization and joint mobilization, therapeutic exercises, and will progress towards high-level sport-specific movements so that you can be cleared to play safely and remain at the top of your game.


Work Related
Physical Therapy

Work related injuries are most commonly due to repetitive stress or an injury event. If you are having difficulty with work task due to an on the job injury, then our Physical Therapist will focus on the skills required at work and the path to accelerating recovery.


You will be taken through a similar program that is outlined in Orthopedic Physical Therapy (link) and then progressed back to full work capabilities. Focus will be on the specific capacities to perform your work activity safely and without risk of re-injury.

We are NAIOMT trained and utilize these skills to restore normal strength, mobility and function, critical for returning to work at full capacity.


Vestibular Rehabilitation & Balance Therapy (VRBT)

When function of the vestibular system or the inner ear is altered, patients often complain of vertigo. This dizziness can severely affect a person’s ability to roll over in bed, walk, drive, or even sit up. Through specific exercises and compensation techniques, we at Pine Lake Physical Therapy can help patients overcome the deficits that arise from inner ear disorders.


For additional information regarding vestibular rehabilitation see the article regarding:  Vestibular Rehabilitation 

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