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Neck and Back Physical Therapy


Three out of ten people will miss a day of work during their lives due to low back pain. Ninety percent of the population will experience spine pain sometime during their life. Studies tell us that 95% of herniated disc patients would not require surgery if early intervention is taken.

After a detailed spinal evaluation your Physical Therapist will begin your treatment program with these general guidelines for care:

  • You will be educated in your condition, prognosis, posture, body mechanics and prevention.

  • Early stretching and strengthening exercise specific to your condition to help manage the pain and begin restoring normal function.

  • Accelerate healing with the use of:


*Therapeutic Exercise- to strengthen core stabilizers, establish a home exercise program and to prevent future occurrences.


*Postural Training- (simply put) learn to use the postural muscles in the way they were designed to resolve pain and dysfunction.


*Traction, heat, ice, ultrasound, or electric stimulation may be used in acute cases.

We are dedicated to achieving your goals and returning you “back in action”!

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