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2850 228th Avenue SE STE B
Sammamish, WA  98075


Tel: 425-391-4488
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Near the Pine Lake QFC & Columbia Athletic Pine Lake Club

My Story- Shelby Fladland Pine Lake Aide


To the casual onlooker my job as the aide for Pine Lake Physical Therapy might look

boring even monotonous. How fun can folding towels and cleaning rooms really be?

But it couldn't be farther from the truth. Although each therapist has their own set of

patients, I get to have contact with each person who enters our clinic. ISometimes it's

a simple "hello" as they head to a room or "doing ok?" while they peddle away on the

bike. But having been the Aide for almost nine years now I have the unique pleasure of

being apart of many of our patients lives and them mine. It's unique and I don't think the average Aide experience compares to mine. Maybe it's partly due to ky natural "chatty" disposition, but I learn a lot more about our patients than the injury or'aliment they are being seen for.



"It makes me smile to hear those words because that means we have made a strong and meaningful impression."

What makes my Aide position different, it's time. I take the time to know each of our patients and I let them know me. When you see someone two to three times a week and often over several months, you really get to know them. Often patients will tease that we are their second family. It makes me smile to hear those words because that means we have made a strong and meaningful impression. I think that is why we see so many returning patients and referred friends and family of those patients.


One of the times this was especially evident was during my pregnancy. I was blown away by the generosity of patients towards my soon to be born son. I received such special mementos as hand quilted books, receiving blankets and even sweet jammies. I'm pretty sure if they didn't see our clinic as family I wouldn't have received such gifts. Even now I have returning patients who remember that time and ask how my son (now three) is and what is he up to. It makes what I do as an Aide that much more important.


It isn't the folding of towel, or the cleanliness of our clinic that keeps our patients coming

back time and time again. It's that sense of family and that level of care that does. I'm

just one small part of the big treatment picture, but I'm glad I have a role.